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"It's a major problem in the digital age," he says. "It's so easy to take without permission." But intellectual property experts have criticized this kind of niche practice — especially the breakneck rate at which he files complaints. "In one sense, it feels like a nuisance," says L.A.-based IP lawyer Jesse Saivar. “But, in the other sense, the attorneys that bring these cases would argue they’re doing a greater good and are enforcing the laws that are there for a reason.” In one of more than three dozen cases filed on behalf of photographer Steve Sands, Liebowitz sued Meredith Corp. over its alleged unauthorized use of a photograph of Benedict Cumberbatch as his Marvel character Dr. Strange in a Hello Giggles web story. He's seeking $150,000 in damages, the maximum allowed under the law for willful infringement of a copyrighted work. While photos often can be licensed for as little as tens or hundreds of dollars, the statute provides up to $30,000 in damages for even non-willful unauthorized use. Although Liebowitz won't dish on specifics, he says most of his cases settle, and while the number of zeroes on settlement checks can vary, the payout is typically higher than the standard license fee. "No media company is safe," says entertainment litigator James Sammataro. "The defendants are a who's who of established media companies, demonstrating that even with the most prudent clearance standards, certain works may inevitably escape detection." Liebowitz isn't fazed by criticism from some that he's the intellectual property equivalent of an ambulance chaser. "Theft is theft," he says. But at least one Manhattan federal judge has noticed the volume of his cases.

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